Emphasis on the quality of the KRYNA brand




Audio devices are mere “tools” for playing music. Therefore,
KRYNA prioritizes the improvement in the value as “tools” when developing audio devices.
For example, a vacuum tube is used for the amplifier of KRYNA,
because vacuum tubes are the most appropriate as amplifying elements.

Sensitivity is important for producing music, but music is not played by emotion.
“Theory” is required. How to set voltage and install device depends on logical patterns.
The audio devices ignoring logical patterns are incomplete as tools.

Sound must be three-dimensional.
Sound must be light.
Sound must be quiet.

This is true also for audio accessories. We have kept producing our products
without sticking to specific music genres, in order to underpin a sound source.

Lightness of the sound reaching from that stage.
We think everyone remembers that excitement and vibe with the entire body.
We hope many people will have that experience through our audio devices.

We are developing products with the purpose of delivering holographic (three-dimensional) sound to you.
Only the products that have been produced in the best balance in accordance
with the principles of sound creation can be called the KRYNA brand.

Company Profile

Corporate name Kryna Inc.
Representative director Ryoka Ina
Location of the headquarters 4-2-38 Kanamori-higashi, Machida-shi, Tokyo
(The place name was renamed on Oct. 8, 2012.)
Date of establishment May 21, 1980
Number of employees 5
Business contents Production and sale of audio amplifiers and speakers