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Banana plug
Speaker cable plug "Banana Plug"

Convenient plugs that can be joined together.



When cap is removed, banana plugs can be connected each other.

KRYNA’s banana plugs apply center pin method that corresponds with speaker code up to 7mmØ. It is made of copper coated with 24 gold. When a screw on the back is tightened, the pin terminal is stretched out in the terminal, and the plug is firmly fixed with terminal.

Because all connecting surface is tightly attached, the transmission loss is reduced. As a result, the information to be transmitted will increase and the sound field space will expand. Therefore, these plugs are also very effective for improving sound quality.

Furthermore, for the connection to the cables, we use the method of fixing the wire rods with two screws at the top and bottom. If the wire rods are soldered together in advance, you can easily install the cable.

Because of its gun form, the depth of plug is short. Therefore, they are very convenient for the Amp in a rack or speaker system for small back space.
They are also treated to prevent short out and meets the RoHS standard. Therefore, you can use the plugs at ease.

When two cables are connected with one terminal such as a by-wiring connection, you can connect two banana plugs by removing the cap (red/white) on the screw part in the back.

Without adding an additional process, you can easily and freely upgrade your system. The small plug is filled with unique inventions of KRYNA which aims to produce audio products that our customers can use for a lifetime. 




Model BA-7G
Suitable cable diameter (mm) 7
Materials Cover: PMMA
Pin: Brass + 24 gold coat
How to connect Screw(hexagon wrench is included.)

* The specification, standard, design and price may change due to improvements,
etc. without prior notice.

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