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Insulator "E-PROP" (patent acquired)

The new PROP, which releases enormous vibrational energy, debuts.


Size comparison

E-PROP with Speaker

The new PROP, which releases enormous vibrational energy, debuts.

A new fellow will join “PROP Series,” which are the insulators for various purposes and renowned for D-PROP, C-PROP, and T-PROP, etc. We will introduce the innovate features of the epoch-making insulator “E-PROP,” for which an exponential spike shape was adopted.



This is E-PROP!—See the structure

E-PROP is an insulator in which the spike and the cup are integrated like the existing products D-PROP and C-PROP. It has an epoch-making structure that removed the burden of placement and the risk of getting stuck in a floor, which are the shortcomings of the spike, while keeping the effect as a mechanic diode, which is unique to the spike type.


<Internal structure of E-PROP>




The cup is filled with the patent-pending special solution “sticky solution.” By improving vibrational absorption capacity, astounding vibration processing property has been achieved.

“E” of “E-PROP” stands for an exponential function. The exponential curve, which broadens gradually from the tapered part, is used for various wind instruments, including trumpets. Among audio products, horn speakers have this shape.

<E-PROP and a trumpet>



For E-PROP, this exponential curve was adopted for the spike shape, and it became possible to process vibration at an extremely high level, which has been difficult to achieve with a general spike shape (cone-shaped spike).



What is the astounding vibration process capability of E-PROP?
—The exponential spike that changes vibration transmission amount significantly

A spike shape functions as a “mechanic diode” for transmitting vibration from a broad area to a narrow area. In order to transmit vibration more efficiently, it is necessary to select appropriate spike materials, inhibit the vibration of the spike itself, and choose optimal shapes for the spike and the receiver, etc.

<Mechanic diode>




“Are there any methods for processing enormous energy more effectively?”
We focused on vibration transmission efficiency (vibration transmission amount), and found a solution of adjusting the angle of “the broadest part” connecting the inside and outside of the spike.

In the case of a cone-shaped spike, the angle between a broad area, such as a speaker, and a spike is large, so that volume varies between the inside and outside the spike.


<Comparison between the cone and exponential shapes 1>




In this case, when large vibrational energy is transmitted, it is impossible to release all of the energy through the spike, and some vibrational energy is “reflected” and returns to the speaker. The effect of this reflection is insignificant when vibrational energy is small, but significant when vibrational energy is large.


<Comparison between the cone and exponential shapes 2>




In the case of the exponential type, the upper part of the spike is wide, and so the joint part is smooth, and the spike is tapered.


<Comparison between the cone and exponential shapes 3>




The gap between the inlet and outside of the spike is reduced, so that more vibration can be transmitted efficiently.


<Comparison between the cone and exponential shapes 4>




By processing large vibrational energy, which cannot be released fully with a cone-shaped spike, smoothly with an exponential spike, it is possible to reduce the dullness and delay of sound, and improve signal-to-noise ratio, resolution, and precision drastically. Users will be astonished by the holographic sound unique to E-PROP they have never experienced, as a stage in which depth, width, and height are elevated is produced.

<Improovment of sound quality by E-PROP Spike comparing with D-PROP>



<Sound localization comparison diagram>




The new insulator for improving the effect of the spike shape as a mechanic diode and releasing the enormous energy from the large speaker effectively—It’s E-PROP.






Model EP-1
Dimension Diameter: 60mm Height: 56.5mm
Weight 870g
Load weight 35kg/pc



*Product Type, standard, design, price may change without advance notice
in order to improve the product, etc.

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