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Insulator "C-PROP" (patent-pending)

Insulator developed to avoid vibration.

C-PROP Cross-Section

C-PROP extend


C-PROPmini extend


When insulators are categorized into “those which produce vibration themselves and those which accept vibration”, this “C-PROP exercises its effect with particular sensitivity to vibrations received from external sources”. The lightness of is resin and its special internal structure have made it possible to propose new previously overlooked uses of insulators.




What is the Vibration Control/
Insulation Mechanism of the "C-PROP"?

The C-PROP’s mechanism was the result of collaborative research with Professor Kiminobu Nishimura (Kinki University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering) over four years. It is a completely new innovative resin insulator.

It has a simple one-tier construction, composed of cylindrical cup (receptacles) and long pointy spike.
The “C” in C-PROP stands for “conical”.
Both cup and spike use resin. With light body of only 35g, the C-PROP performs insulation effect while sharply cutting down on damaging micro-vibration.

Its vibration control and insulation mechanism is extremely sophisticated, including technical knowledge on molecular level.

The special damping fluid absorbs damaging vibrations and eliminates micro-vibration and turbidity of sound which have a particular influence on music reproduction.
Furthermore, the solution penetrates and enters into the resin, simulating the state of floating in water. The services to decrease friction in the contact parts with the system control micro chirp, and bring great effect for the insulation with equipment.

The special damping liquid is a new patent-pending solution called “Sticky” solution. Since a solution which exercises the greatest effect on the physical properties of resin does not exist as an elementary substance, after many experiments, we succeeded in developing a special compound liquid of pure water and high-polymer materials. The liquid is characterized by a high degree of transparency, stickiness like gummy-candy, and springiness.

In case of oil or water, when it is rotated, it spins in the direction of the rotation; however, this “special sticky solution” hangs on, turning in the opposite direction, and return as though it is pulled.

Unlike water or oil, this mysterious substance, - or “spring solution”, as we may well call it plays the roles of both absorbing damaging vibrations and extinguishing the micro-vibrations and turbidity of sound which give a particular influence on music reproduction.

Due to this special internal structure, it cuts down on damaging vibrations as well as it makes it more difficult to receive impact of external vibrations. As a result, countermeasures for received vibration which has been previously overlooked are now possible.  




Optimize the Potential Capacity of the System
by Combining the C-PROP with the D-PROP

The C-PROP is “39 mm in diameter and 32 mm in height”. As a matter of fact, it’s the same size as the D-PROP. We did not just make them the same size; we also planned to produce a synergistic “D x C” effect by combining the C-PROP with the D-PROP.
In audio, there are some areas that just cannot be handled with the one item. By using the characteristics of the C-PROP and the D-PROP in accordance with the purposes to cover those areas by two items of different materials, we make it possible to control vibrations in accordance with the characteristics of each device.


Characteristics of the C-PROP

More effective with received vibrations from external sources than with self-generated vibrations.
Appropriate in areas with little vibration.
Effective for equipment without vibrating body or rotary mechanisms and in places where influence from vibration is undesirable.


Characteristics of the D-PROP

Very effective for equipment which produces its own vibrations. Exercises its true potential in areas of great vibration.
Has strong vibration damping effects in players with rotary mechanisms and the power supply sections of separate equipment with vibrating body.

KRYNA proposes to pull out latent abilities that cannot be obtained by just one item.




Stronger Insulation Properties than the C-PROP!
We developed the C-PROP Extend Model
that has incorporated a newly developed V-cut technology (NEW)

For the Extend model, we focused on the cup that receives the most impact of vibration from the floor, in order to enrich music and make the simple role of “not receiving unnecessary vibration” more efficient.
The cup’s bottom of the standard C-PROP is designed to be flat; however, this makes the inner thickness of bottom constant. As a result, vibration of specific wavelength tends to appear strongly as peak.
In order to maintain stable environment even if various types of vibration occur, we re-adjusted the thickness of bottom by making it V-shape. This has made the wavelength of vibration at the inner bottom uneven and made it possible to control the generation of peak.

By improving the vibration characteristics of the bottom, we can mitigate the vibration to be transmitted to spike (return of vibration).

By reducing unnecessary vibration that is transmitted to the spike that is directly contacting audio device, we can create an environment where the system can fully demonstrate its original capacity without interference by vibrating energy from external sources.

By upgrading the vibration insulation capacity of the C-PROP which has resin and sticky liquid containment structure, we can expand the scale of holographic sound field such in terms of depth, width and height.  



Because the bottom of the C-PROP has the even thickness, the entire bottom has the same vibration characteristics. As a result, the peak of vibration (resonance) is more likely to occur.


By using V-cut structure in the bottom, the bottom of the C-PROP Extend has uneven thickness. As a result, the pea of vibration (resonance) is less likely to occur. Less vibration peaks of cup means the device becomes stronger against vibration from external sources. Thus, the C-PROP Extend will make it easier to draw the original performance of equipment.




Wide Varieties of C-PROP Series

The C-PROP series have two types: Extend model and Standard model.
Depending on the purpose, you can choose from two sizes.


To a New Standard of Insulation Treatment:
Standard Model C-PROP, C-PROPmini


They are the origin of C-PROP that used innovative style of carrying out insulation and damping at the same time by simulating the state of floating in water through “resin and sticky solution” structure.
It plays a role that adheres to the purpose of “not to receive unnecessary vibration”.


Expert of Insulation Treatment:
Extend Model C-PROP extend, C-PROPmini Extend


They are the C-PROP’s Extend model that has stronger “insulation capacity”.
In order to capture the return of slight vibration that the mounting surface of C-PROP receives, we advanced the thickness and form of receptacle’s (cup’s) bottom. This way, resolution capacity of each sound is enhanced. Please experience the looming tranquility and beauty of harmony filled in the space that you can only obtain through the C-PROP Extend.  



I want to use the C-PROP here!

While the method of using both C-PROP and D-PROP together is groundbreaking, the C-PROP’s effect by itself is dramatic. It displays its effect particularly well with analog-related equipment and Pre Amp meant to handle faint signals.

The C-PROP and D-PROP are separately sold in sets of three and four. In addition, in order to fit any combination, both types are sold as a single unit.
For example, it is possible to order any combination to fit your own system, such as “two D-PROPs and one C-PROP”, or “one D-PROP and two C-PROPs”.

Here are some examples of recommended uses for both types.


<Examples of Suggested Usages>

(A) Example of using the C-PROP alone.


1. Preamp

When three C-PROPs are used in separate-type Preamps with separate power supplies, spatial reproducibility is heightened astonishingly.

2. Analogue MC Trans

The effect of the C-PROP is especially great in MC Trances without power supplies. You may actually feel the heightened signal-to-noise ratio and transparency on your skin. In this case, the D-PROP is optimal for the turntable.



(B) Example of combined use of the C-PROP and the D-PROP

1. CD/SACD Player (e.g. ESOTERIC SZ-1)

Since the mechanical section is in the front center and the power supply is on the left, it is better to set one D-PROP under the power supply and mechanical sections, and put two C-PROPs in the rear. The sound spreads and the sound quality feels more natural.

2. Separate-type Preamp (e.g. Nuforce P-9)

This is a half-size, thin Preamp. In Nuforce P-9, the power supply/control section and the analog Preamp sections are independent. We obtained a supreme effect by setting a D-PROP in the power supply/control section which is the energy source and setting a C-PROP in the Preamp section which has faint analog signals. You will be surprised by the feeling of plunging speed as a high-end equipment and the three-dimensional sound field.

3. Compact Desk-top Amp (e.g. Nuforce Icon)

The Icon is a postcard-sized super-small pre-main Amp. Here, the Icon side of the main body accepted the C-PROP. You can experience spatial expression and a spontaneous sound that surpasses its size.

When using the C-PROP and D-PROP together, be careful for the location of mechanical section and power supplies and use them according to your needs.

I want to use the C-PROPmini here!

While the method of using both C-PROP and D-PROP together is groundbreaking, the C-PROP’s effect by itself is also dramatic. It displays its effect particularly well with analog-related equipment and Preamp meant to handle faint signals.

The C-PROP and D-PROP are sold separately in sets of three and four. In addition, in order to fit any combination, both types are sold as a single unit.
For example, it is possible to order any combination to fit your own system, such as “two D-PROP minis and one C-PROPmini”, or “one D-PROPmini and two C-PROPminis”.

Here are some examples of recommended uses for both kinds.

<Examples of Suggested Usages>

(A) Example of using the C-PROP mini alone.

1. ipod dock, transport

For ipod dock, transport, etc. without power supplies, the C-PROPmini will dramatically enhance resolution and provide clear and open sound. In this case, the most suitable AC adapter is the D-PROP mini.







Model CP-1
Dimension Diameter: 39mm Height: 32mm
Weight 35g/unit
Load weight Up to 7kg per unit is recommended.
Model CM-1
Dimension Diameter: 27mm Height: 22mm
Weight 10g/unit
Load weight Up to 7kg per unit is recommended.

*Product Type, standard, design, price may change without advance notice
in order to improve the product, etc.

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