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Speaker stand "Stage"

Application of a new method called diamond formation.
A new stage for the speaker stand.

Structure of Stage

Insulter placement of
diamond formation

Combination with T-PROP

Stage line-up

Example of set-up


A new product is released from KRYNA that changes the conventional norm of speaker stands and awakens a completely new sound.

“Stage” is a speaker stand with a completely new concept. It was developed with a theme to remove the stress from a speaker by naturally absorbing and releasing vibrations generated from a speaker effortlessly and without putting extra burden with a use of the diamond formation structure.

It has measures to reduce vibration using various composite materials in every corner of vibration path from top panel, through support post, bottom panel, to insulator. At the same time, it has a flexible structure to allow appropriate balance setting in accordance with the size of speaker. With these features, it can pull out the maximum potential of a speaker.

Its shape is very simple. However, the Stage’s “seven characteristics” around its simple shape change dimension of sound and awaken your speaker and music.
A stage where speaker can fully perform its program. That is the “Stage”.


Diamond Formation Specific Design
"Seven Characteristics" of Stage

The Stage is made with various structures that are not equipped with conventional speaker stands. These structures create a completely new “stage” of sound.

1. Different materials are attached to directly absorb vibration of speaker.
“Aluminum + steel composite top panel/bottom panel”
2. “VD-PROP” disperses vibration of top panel and allows it to escape.
3. “Super fine particle sand” reduces vibration with heat conversion.
4. “Vibration dissipating fin” dissipates vibration of support post to sand.
5. “Pyramid balance structure” contributes to low center of gravity.
6. Spike insulator specialized for stand, “T-PROP”, is used.
7. “Diamond formation” is used to enhance resolution of sound and increase range of sound.

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Stopper to prevent overturning
Material Brass
Dimension (mm) Ø10×H42





You can flexibly create the best size of the Stage in accordance with the speaker size by combining top panel, bottom panel and support post. About 600 combinations are possible. Specifications and prices vary depending on the combination.

> For reference combination specification/price, please click here.

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*The specification, standard, design and price may change due to improvement, etc. without prior notice.

Support Information

Research announcement of Diamond Formation
at 2015 Spring The Acoustical Society of Japan


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