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Insulator "D-PROP extend" (patent acquired)

To be the new standard of insulator.

D-PROP extend Cross-section

D-PROP extend

D-PROP mini

This is the PROP-style insulator that has the integral structure of spike and spike receptacles.
What is the surprising vibration controlling effect of D-PROP extend?!
With unique “Double spike receptacles and Liquid containment”, it will dramatically enhance the quality.

Among many insulators, the D-PROP extend Series are particularly unique.
Typically, spike and receptacle (cup) are separated and need to be carefully installed. The D-PROP extend Series of KRYNA is completely different. As the figure shows, the D-PROP extend has the simple PROP-style and has an integrated structure with high precision.

Based on a proprietary technology “Vibration Control Device” designed by Prof. Kiminobu Nishimura (Kinki University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering) and Ryukei Ina (KRYNA President and CEO), the D-PROP extend was developed. It has the mechanic diode structure that applies the characteristics of spike that transmits vibration one-sidedly. It also has double spike structure that has two spikes in the brass container filled with special liquid, resulting in a dramatic improvement in insulation. It is especially effective in controlling micro-vibrations and harmonic distortion that affect the sound.


Internal vibration distorts original musical signals in the equipment such as disk players. In order to reduce the distortion, insulator is used. However, conventional single use of spike is not perfect, as there remain issues such as small vibrations that cannot be removed completely, returning of vibration from outside and sound of spike itself at the connecting points.
Use of two spikes was materialized without sacrificing user-friendliness and stability. The double spikes and liquid containment structure of the D-PROP extend makes it possible to control overwhelming levels of vibration, that was not possible with the conventional one spike structure.

Excellence of the D-PROP extend,
Proved by Actual Data

The outstanding performance of the D-PROP extend is also backed up by the actually measured data. Here is an experiment with a speaker. There is a significant difference in harmonic vibration level depending on whether or not the D-PROP extend is used for the equipment. Since it can effectively control higher-order (second-, third- and forth-order) harmonic distortion, there is no hissing and other unwanted noises and sound coloration. The D-PROP extend helps reproduce the original, clear sound.

Its outstanding effect can be expected not only for disk players and amplifiers but also for visual devices.

The excellence of the D-PROP extend has been academically proved.

Although the D-PROP extend is spike-shaped, it does not catch the rack or anything and easy to keep the equipment stable. D-PROP extend series are amazing breakthrough with its high quality and ease of use! It is an ultimate product to optimize the performance of your equipment.

Optimize the Performance of your Equipment
through Combination with the C-PROP extend

Some audio equipment such as Preamp and MC Trans use faint signals and does not have vibration source such as power supply and rotating part. With such equipment, it is effective to shut the impact of vibration from outside. The C-PROP extend is effective for it.

Even for CD-player, by using appropriately placing the combination of the D-PROP extend under the source of vibration such as power and mechanical part and the C-PROP extend for signal part, you can enhance the performance of your equipment.

D-PROP extend's Marked Improvements in Sound Quality

Specific improvements in sound quality are as follows:

1) Clear, Penetrating Sound by Reducing Harmonic Distortion
Lower-register sounds are beautiful and pure sounds are reproduced with no hissing and other unwanted noises and sound coloration.

2) Clear Sound-Source Localization
Vocal and instrumental sound images are clear and their depth, height and direction are also vividly reproduced. You will feel as if the sound penetrated the speaker without any obstacle. It is exactly the reproduction of a three-dimensional sound field.

3) Accurate and Natural Reproduction of Sound Field
Its accurate stereophonic reproduction of sounds will give you the original recording atmosphere. Because of its excellent high-frequency response (control capacity), it can be used for high-specification formats such as SACD and DVD-Audio.


Expert of Vibration Control: Extend Model

The D-PROP extend models uses insulation solution, “Sticky”, that was born in the process of developing its sister model, the C-PROP extend.
We adjusted the components of “Sticky”, the sticky and “springy solution” that is effective to enhance absorption of vibration energy for the extended models and enhanced compatibility with the C-PROP extend insulator.

With integration of excellent vibration absorption capacity and insulation effect of double spikes, the extended models are suitable for people who want to go beyond the already acquired quietness and reproduce three-dimensional sound field that depicts width and depth in the clear sound field space.







Model DPX-1 DPX-3 DPX-4
Dimension Diameter: 39mm Height: 32mm
Weight 268g/ per unit
Load weight Up to 15kg per unit is recommended.


Model DMX-1 DMX-3 DMX-4
Dimension Diameter: 27mm Height: 22mm
Weight 90g/ per unit
Load weight Up to 15kg per unit is recommended.
* The recommended load weight for effective performance of D-PROP mini extend is about 7kg.

*Product Type, standard, design, price may change without advance notice
in order to improve the product, etc.

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