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When Sound is Conveyed, the Heart is Heard.
Communicate and "Connect" Inca's Work.




RCA Plug

In order to Interconnect, tools that are made to deliver electricity and sound are required. In addition,


Eliminating phase distortion;

Maintaining composite information; and

Blocking out noise.


We believe that these 3 conditions must be met for true Interconnect.

To achieve this, a simple structure that delivers sound directly is necessary.

KRYNA aimed to create a tool that would communicate the electric signals that are sound, without altering the shape the result is the creation of this Inca cable.

The Colours. The Adornments. The Flavours.

Hear the music through the tool (cable) that was created to keep all these intact.

It is not a forced creation of new music by processing the sound but rather, it is a replaying of the music by extracting the original sounds.

This is the cable creation of KRYNA that aims achieve Holographic Sound.



The 3 Distinctive Tasks of Inca.

1. Maintain Composite Information

What is Composite Information?
It is the collection of each valuable bit of music embedded in the source.
This information is converted into a string of numbers, becoming data, and changed to sound, then this sound becomes music, and is a mysterious energy that leads the way to emotional feeling.
To extract the energy buried in the information in its entirety is our mission here at KRYNA.
Missing information equals missing emotion which means that our goal, holographic sound, cannot be achieved.
We fastidiously focused on the wires of the cable, an essential element to extracting composite information, and after testing every wire, we decided to use the delicate-as-a-feather, highly conductive, super-fine wire for the signal path. As a result, “high density” signal transmission is possible in the space-saving design of KRYNA’s Inca.
Further, using Kryna’s ZET WIRING technology, noise that gets mixed in is taken out and the signal is purified.
To convey sound without losing any of the information, the energy contained in sound, is a big step toward Holographic Sound regeneration.

2. Eliminate Phase Distortion

Next (in addition) to coming up with a solution to maintain composite information, there is another important condition:
Convey large quantities of composite information, energy, in their pure form, “as-is.”
In order to reproduce the performer’s location, the hall’s atmosphere and ceiling height, information must be transmitted without phase distortion.
Many cables place little emphasis on phase sensitivity causing a maze of meaningless cables and the information from the machine cannot flow through directly.
The result? Information becomes tangled, phase distortion occurs, and the reproduced sound is off-balance .

We ask ourselves, “is the final sound regenerated by KRYNA’s Inca what we call Holographic Sound?” We used this as our number one aim and used it in material selection and combination, starting inside the cable, moving to the outside, we combined specialized techniques, made adjustments, until we successfully reduced phase distortion to the point that it is virtually nonexistent.
By moving forward together with a single goal in sight, the potential of energy and emotion stretch out to infinite limits.

3. Block Out Noise

Lastly, there is one more important condition.
Extract information without omission, relay this information without processing…
The next requirement is to preserve and protect the information.
Like a bridge connecting valleys in the great outdoors, a cable suspended midair is constantly exposed to all kinds of menaces.
Innovation to enjoy music in the same setting over time, at any time.
This is what many who love music enjoy.
Today, a time when electricity is essential to replaying audio, innovation to reduce the effect of “noise” is essential.
KRYNA’s entire Inca lineup is equipped with shields designed to block out external noise.
The first wall, second wall combination manufacturing optimizes transmissions by removing interferences inside the cable, thereby perfecting its role as a tool that “conveys.”

Because of these 3 conditions that make up Inca, Holographic Sound that spreads to the back, to the ceiling, and all around, is achieved.
However, this never involves forced processing to make the sound, simply the extract the original sound and convey it.
This policy is what will lead to the discovery of music in a whole new light.




Kryna's ZET WIRING technology, noise that gets mixed in is taken out and the signal is purified.
To convey sound without losing any of the information, the energy contained in sound, is a big step toward Holographic Sound regeneration.



Inca 7

~The pinnacle of the Inca series. To a Holographic World that boasts of infinite possibilities.~

The Flagship model of the Inca series.
A treasured weapon, this cable is for those who know the true pleasure of surpassing the boundaries of music into Holographic Sound where music transforms from mere listening to an entire physical experience.
It has a never before achieved S/N, fitting of the flagship title, and a rare resolving power is drawn out.
The Inca 7 was developed by aiming to somehow erase the existence of interconnect.
In order to communicate without losing even the slightest spatial information, and to communicate the analog oscillations with every frequency’s signal included without loss, we put together a 6-core structure, the greatest of the series, by intricately combining European “Ultra Fine Wires” that were specially selected by KRYNA from the numerous wires possible for the wires that sustain the heart of the cable.
Further, the core is surrounded by KRYNA’s proprietary shield technology “Double Shielding Tornado Structure” that protects the delicate signals so music signals are double covered.
The sound that comes through when noise, a big stress, is wiped away will make you feel like you travelled through time and space into an expanding world free of stress.

Come rid yourself of the walls that couldn’t be cleared away until now, and together let’s earnestly pursue the emotional experience that is new sound.



~What is the real value of Interconnect? KRYNA's challenge, changing your standards.~

The Standard in the Inca series.

A strategic model from Inca’s challenge to redefine the very root of what interconnect has been up to this point.
The cable’s core is sustained by the same Ultra Fine Wires as the Flagship model.
The core, comprised of 4 stems of these wires, is protected from noise with a double-layer shield and the “Double Shielding Tornado Structure” is applied generously.
A bold item that makes actually feeling the standard level of KRYNA possible.
Break down the boundaries between audio and music to obtain your right to feel the presence of the performer right there with you and let the unseen soundstage flood your room.



~Feeling more simply, and intensely~

Though it is the Entry model in the Inca series, it has inherited from the series’ upper models with a core that is made up of the same materials into a double core structure incorporating the minimum required components for interconnect allowing it to accomplish the 3 tasks of Inca in a simpler manner.
Using a cable that has no mechanical dependence we are able to, for the first time, know the individuality and uniqueness of machines.
For those who want to feel music directly, and for those who want to expand their enjoyment of music going forward, we recommend using the Inca 3 as a reference.







  Inca7 Inca5 Inca3
High Purity Annealed Copper Wire
Structure ZET WIRING
3 Cores + 3 Cores
3 Cores + 1 Core
2 Cores
Number of
6 Cores 4 Cores 2 Cores
Insulation PVC, Cotton Yarn
Shield Double Shielding Tornado Structure
Sheath PVC Sheath (wire direction marked with arrows)






Plug (RCA) Coaxial Jack Type
Pin 24-carat Gold Plated

*Product Type, standard, design, price may change without advance notice
in order to improve the product, etc.

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